Ai generated image 

size: 42x30 cm

Inkjet print on archival Hahnemuhle Photorag paper, 308 g

Signed edition of 100

Price 150 € unframed

Shipping not included


  • Enter : Pastoral is generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The body of work aims to question the position of the artist within the context of emerging technologies and the post-human condition. The art is generated by using public image databases, from museums and institutions and targeting classical pastoral oil paintings, and the artist’s own dataset created by digitally documented consumer waste, mainly consisting of single use items and plastic wrapping. The end result are images reminiscent of classical pastoral paintings generated by waste with the help of AI.

    The artworks were created during the second and third Covid-19 lock-down in France. As the pandemic had altered the ‘post human’ condition to such an extreme that the outside natural world became off limits, the network society belongs to servers, algorithms and AI. The work explores the boundary of technological substitution and consumption, as technology has replaced physical inter human contact, removed encounters with strangers from our daily lives and replaced the public spaces with Zoom, Slack etc.

    The installation toys with the idea of a more efficient AI substituting the artist and the consumer. The machine utilises garbage to create the artworks. The result is a theoretical prediction model of future landscapes built on waste.

Mikki Nordman

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